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CCC calls for ban on biometric surveillance in public spaces

2024-06-23 21:16:55, linus

At an expert hearing in the Committee on Internal Affairs and Community in the German Bundestag on the amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is calling for the long overdue ban on controversial biometric surveillance in public spaces.

As we show in our written statement [1] there is an increasing number of cases in which police authorities are using biometric surveillance systems improperly and without a legal basis.

These biometric surveillance systems in public spaces lead to ubiquitous recording: Every public appearance is recorded and can be analyzed in detail thanks to unique biometric recognition features of people – especially our face.

What once sounded like a distant dystopia is already being turned into reality piece by piece. This is a process that we must stop right now.

The hearing of the Committee on Internal Affairs and Community will take place on Monday, June 24, from 2 p.m. in the Paul Löbe Building, meeting room E 600. Matthias Marx will participate as an expert on behalf of the Chaos Computer Club.