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Chaos Communication Congress: Get involved in the programme!

2023-10-17 15:00:38, erdgeist

The Chaos Computer Club invites you to contribute to the content of the 37th Chaos Communication Congress under the motto 37C3: Unlocked and asks for your contribution to the programme.

The Chaos Communication Congress thrives on the wealth of experience of the community, which we would like to draw on again in order to learn, broaden horizons and initiate conversations. For the Congress Center Hamburg, we want to put together more than a hundred talks and presentations on our three stages over four days at the end of December.

The talks will be selected from your submissions and from invited speakers by recognised experts in the six tracks Security, Art & Beauty, Hardware, Sustainability & Climate Justice, Ethics, Politics & Society, and Science.

All information about the Call for Participation can be found here. Please read our instructions carefully before submitting in our conference planning system frab.

This year’s Congress will be held under the motto 37C3: Unlocked, so we are particularly looking forward to contributions that constructively and optimistically point out ways out of the multiple crises. We want to give ourselves the tools to take off into a new year, to throw off resignation, to challenge outdated ideas and conventional perceptions of reality and to fight yesterday’s approaches to tomorrow’s problems.

The deadline for applications is 11 November 2023. You will be informed about your acceptance (or rejection) on 3 December. The 37C3 Fahrplan will be published at the beginning of December. Many lectures can be followed later on