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36th Chaos Communication Congress to take place in Leipzig

2019-10-03 22:43:32, erdgeist

For the 36th time the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) will host the Chaos Communication Congress between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The 36C3, which will take place at Messe Leipzig, is the largest hacker conference in Europe and – like all CCC events – will be organised and executed entirely by volunteers. As last year, around 17,000 participants are expected from 27th to 30th of December 2019, including more than 2,000 volunteers.

Call for Participation

We would like to fill our approximately 120 curated talk slots with high-quality content and therefore today solicit your submissions with our Call for Participation.

On four days, in addition to the curated talks in five large halls, there will be a widely varied program of self-organised workshops at the stages of our assemblies distributed throughout the event venue. There will also be lots of art & beauty with exhibitions, light installations, bars and parties.

We want to stress the unusually short submission deadline this year: 26 October 2019. No excuses, please.

Call for Angels

In order to build all that – and to tear it down again – we will once again need our legendary and untiring Angel power. Angels are our volunteer helpers, they are the true backbone of any CCC event. We call upon all of you to help at Congress and become part of the event. If possible, do plan a longer stay in Leipzig, until January 5th, in order to help during teardown.

Call for Assemblies

During the last two years in Leipzig we learned many lessons and want to apply as much of the knowledge as possible. That’s why we intend to change as little about the Assemblies process as possible: in order to consolidate and exchange the knowledge and experiences we gained.

If you have organised an Assembly last year, please expect the same area, requirements, and infrastructure as last year. Even supposedly small changes may lead to large planning overhead and excess preparation time which we’re not going to have this year.

36C3: Resource exhaustion

Resource exhaustion is a type of attack on computer systems that is considered rather crude and destructive. Even with two large scale events this year we don’t want to execute such an attack against ourselves. Instead we want to use our own resources in a measured, effective way:

Those who do know the extend of their own resources, can set limits, to prevent their exhaustion.

On an international stage this wisdom appears to be absent. Resources are exhausted knowingly and willfully, instead of limiting their use. Two years ago, during 34C3, we dedicated a day of our schedule to the topic of global climate change, and in the year following that we joined forces with other civil rights and environment protection NGOs for the Bits & Bäume conference.

It is in this tradition and with this spirit that we see this year's congress's motto 36C3: Resource Exhaustion.