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The future of

2015-09-30 15:07:00, 46halbe

Tomorrow will continue its service and be run by a new team of admins from now on. will stay available for everyone in the future. The current team of admins will turn its attention towards new projects, though. The members of the CCC as well as many users can be thankful for a decade of voluntary dedication.

With the chat protocol XMPP commonly known as Jabber decentralized setups can be created, which are much more resistant to failure than centralized systems. The CCC team of admins ran such a server for the past several years at Unfortunately, this server was so well received it became the de facto central service of the hacker crowd. This is running contrary to the idea we always advocated: Practice decentralization and run many interconnected servers. We therefore wish to combine this announcement of the continuation of with a strong appeal again to run your own jabber servers!

When our team of admins started to run ten years ago, jabber was rather unknown and running a server required a lot of knowledge, experience and sometimes some luck and patience. Meanwhile plenty of easy to set-up and maintain server implementations exist, and there is no excuse left not to get active yourself.

A new team of volunteer admins has formed within the CCC. The service will therefore be continued. We nonetheless recommend all users to set up their own, decentralized servers or to obtain accounts on different servers.

For updates follow @jabbercccde on twitter. The new team will publish detailed information about the new terms and conditions of shortly.

The temporary discontinuation of the service became necessary since some users have incorrect assumptions about its nature. is a piece of infrastructure that is run by volunteers in their spare time. To use it is a privilege and not a right. To prevent incidents that might trigger another service discontinuation, new rules for the usage of will be introduced and published soon.

Many thanks to the current team of admins for ten years of reliable work!