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Criminal complaint against mass surveillance: We won’t back down!

2015-06-04 22:54:00, webmaster

Two years have passed since the first disclosures of internal NSA documents by Edward Snowden pointing out secret service affairs without peer. Two years should be more than enough time for the German Public Prosecutor General of the Federal Court of Justice to acknowledge these findings and start at least a preliminary investigation. To further ignore this affair raises the suspicion of obstruction of justice in official act. We decided to write a further written pleading to remind the Federal Prosecutor General of our complaint against the German Government concerning the complete surveillance of the general public by secret services.

Today, we filed a counter-response to the Federal Prosecutor General, Harald Range, and made another written request to finally urge him to investigate the apparent mass surveillance.

Since our first complaint, dated February 3rd, 2014, many further facts have been revealed by international media and the dedicated commission of inquiry at the German Bundestag. Those facts cannot be ignored any longer. Based on the chancellery's knowledge of the surveillance and espionage activities reaching back to 2008, the Federal Prosecutor General Range is now obligated to finally investigate the matter.

Disclosures of industrial espionage and spying on the Federal Chancellors phone only deflect from the relevant facts, i. e. the cooperation of international secret services undermining the democratic foundation of our society. We all are the true victims of this affair; losing the fundamental ideals of our society and our democracy.


On February 3rd, 2014, the Civil Liberties Organizations „International League for the Human Rights“, „Chaos Computer Club“ and „DigitalCourage“ filed a criminal complaint against the US, UK and German governments and the heads of the respective secret services to the German Prosecutor General. During the further procedure, six other organizations, as well as 1,848 individuals have joined the complaint.

For further information, please contact Attorney at Law Hans-Eberhard Schultz at +49172 4203768.


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