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#32C3 Keynote: Fatuma Afrah

2015-12-27 10:09:00, 46halbe

Inspire each other. Change is a collective responsibility. Start with an individual choice.

The annual Chaos Communication Congress, held by Europe’s largest Hacker organization Chaos Computer Club (CCC), is this year presented with the theme „Gated Communities“. We are proud to welcome Somalian born Fatuma Musa Afrah as our keynote speaker.

As a child, Fatuma was displaced and found refuge in Kenia, where after studying developmental aid, she worked with kids in a refugee camp in Dadaab, located at the border between Kenia and Somalia. Her work’s main focus is on women and children.

In 2014 she – again – was forced out of Kenia and found a new home in Germany, where, after living in the towns of Eisenhüttenstadt and Bestensee, she now works and lives in Berlin. She continues her humanitarian work and soon helped out as a voluntary English teacher in a school.

In her keynote address, Fatuma Afrah will talk about her life, being displaced twice. Combined with her perspective as professional refugee aid worker, her story will allow an unique insight in refugee’s lives and struggles. She will talk about her confusion arriving in Germany and how to adapt to even the most basic concepts of taking a train and paying for it. But we will also hear stories about her first encounter with liberality.

Fatuma speaks of herself as a „newcomer“ to our society. It is us who should offer our knowledge of everyday life and our help – not only as a community of hackers. It is our goal to enable integration, using our experiences, share our freedoms and to actively offer our support to „newcomers“ like Fatuma.