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Last chance to get your pre-ordered (and paid) Congress wear

2013-02-14 16:51:00, erdgeist

During 29C3 pre-order season we saw over a thousand people buying shirts and hoodies online. But not everyone picked up their stuff during Congress, that's why we have around hundred pieces of cloth that belongs to one of you.

But we would love to see you proudly walking around in our Congress cloth and not have them rot away in our backyard. So please, check your inbox for preorder-receipts you have not redeemed yet and come and get your stuff.

There will be an hand-out event on Saturday, February, 23th in CCCB around 4pm in Berlin [1]. If you cannot make it there, please send an email to, and we will try to arrange something.

Your 29C3 merchandize crew

[1] CCCB, Marienstra├če 11, 10117 Berlin.