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No combat drones!

2013-03-24 21:19:00, 46halbe

Appeal against combat drones, please support.

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), together with over eighty NGOs and initiatives, speaks out against the use of combat drones and against "targeted" killings.

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No combat drones!

We oppose establishing drone technology for combat, surveillance and oppression.

Currently the German government seems determined to equip the Bundeswehr with armed unmanned aerial vehicles (combat drones).

We oppose combat drones because their deployment

  • lowers further the threshold to armed aggression,
  • signifies “targeted” killing of people within and outside warzones – without indictment, trial and conviction,
  • terrorizes the population of the targeted territory, signifying a threat to life and limb,
  • encourages the development of autonomous killer robots, thereby making more horrifying wars likely,
  • initiates a new round in the arms race.

We demand that the German government and parliament

  • abandon the aberration of acquisition and production of armed drones, as well as their research and development, and
  • become engaged for a worldwide ban, as well as an international proscription of these weapons.



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