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The campaign against the usage of voting machines asks for funding and support

2007-03-02 00:00:00, webmaster

During the "Bundestag" elections in Germany several districts used voting machines from the dutch company NEDAP. The people were unable to verify the voting procedure and even worse, the counting process afterwards. The usage of voting machines is discussed very controversial throughout the world and the trust people put on these voting machines is more or less vanished.

The dutch citizen's group Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet and the section Berlin of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) had discovered and proved specific vulnerabilities of the voting machines developed and distributed by NEDAP. In addition to the appropriate objections of the voter (unprovable process) there are now even more problems, namely system security and the possibility of manipulated NEDAP voting machines.

Beside these concerns the immanent question remains: Why should we replace the secure, transparent and functional paper-based-ballot voting system we already have in use with a very expensive and insecure system which puts the principles of democracy to its knees.

Because of this, the Chaos Computer Club works together with the Wau-Holland-Stiftung (Wau-Holland-foundation) to bring forward a campaign for the abolishment of the legal basis of the usage of voting machines in Germany. Research regarding the technical possibilities of these machines, consultation within the scope of the "Freedom of Information act" to reveal hidden costs and secret arrangements and legal actions against the current and increased usage have to be made by someone. That's why we are calling for support from everybody who is interested in knowing more and avoid the worst.

An important jigsaw piece of this campaign is the support of the work of Mr. Ulrich Wiesner. (german only) The Chaos Computer Club shares his concerns, which were presented by him at the voting scrutiny comitee, an institution of the German Bundestag. His appeal against the election was declined by the same comitee and now, the way to Federal Constitutional Court is open. Because the politicians and authorities don't take any action to prevent further usage of these voting machines, we will fully utilise our granted institutional right of having free and secret elections. We need you!

The Chaos Computer Club and the Wau-Holland-Stiftung appeal for money to support this effort against voting machines. We can abolish these voting machines TOGETHER. Help us and yourself and donate. Even a small amount is more than nothing.

Account for bank transfers: Wau Holland Stiftung Commerzbank Kassel BLZ: 52040021 account: 2772812 Subject: Against voting machines IBAN DE57520400210277281200 BIC COBADEFF520

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