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Call for Participation Chaos Communication Camp 2007

2007-03-08 00:00:00, webmaster

Chaos Computer Club kindly asks for your participation.

The Call for Participation for the Camp is online. Please spread the word and point interesting people to it, or, better yet, hand in your own presentation on topics like:


  • flying and non-flying autonomous robots
  • security, encryption and anonymity
  • software projects
  • technologies for the day after the climate change
  • rapid prototyping and fabbing
  • software and hardware for disaster-resistant infrastructure
  • bringing broadband to the countryside
  • politics and propaganda
  • anti-crowd-control tactics and technologies
  • lock picking
  • alternative energy systems
  • citizen surveillance, data mining technologies, and social networks
  • data forensic methods
  • all things radio (preferably digital)
  • self-sustaining and -reproducing hardware
  • pollution free transport systems
  • hacker anthropology and sociology of the scene
  • flying cars, saucers and carpets
  • 42
  • tesla generators
  • telecommunication technologies
  • FPGA based analysis
  • military technologies
  • all kinds of voting computers
  • ebooks
  • satellites and rockets

(and countermeasures against all of the above).


Or find something else to amaze an international crowd of hackers camping near an East German airport. Give us your input!

And don'’t forget our field excursion on March 24th, 2007 on location.