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CCC presents poetry-contest "Lyrical I"

2005-10-07 00:00:00, frankro

As of today we collect limericks, spoonerisms, haikus, sonnets, modern works - in short all poems imaginable about CCC-topics

A sonnet about RFID is just as welcome as "Ode To My WindowManager", "Lovesong to my Notebook" or a "Programming-Language"-poem. All contributions will be licensed under the Creative Commons License). All poems will be published at .

We accept your masterpieces until Sunday, December 4th. The best contributions will be chosen by a jury of three. These will be presented at the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress.

The poems can be in either German or English. Please send yours to lyrical_i(at)

Aim of the Game is to:

  • get beautiful poetry
  • have fun
  • take a new, unusual approach to the topics
  • original signatures & fortune cookies for all :)