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21C3 Feedback

2005-01-03 00:00:00, tim

21C3 is over now but we are still collecting feedback on the event in general as for the lectures and workshops in particular. Please contribute your experience and opinion in order to make it easier for us to improve the conference.

The list of lectures and workshops on the official 21C3 site now contains a feedback link for each event (below the icon) that points to a form with a list of questions that we want you to answer about each particular lecture or workshop.

For general feedback on 21C3 we have a separate feedback form. So once you have completed telling us about the conference program you might want to add your impressions on the congress in general.

Please note that our coverage of 21C3 is not over yet. Please subscribe to the 21C3 Weblog to get the latest about the 21st Chaos Communication Congress and our upcoming plans. We are about to release the recordings of the event soon as well so you might want to stick to the newsflow on the weblog.