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Chaostreff Dresden: Symposium "DataTracks – Privacy was Yesterday"

2004-05-05 00:00:00, webmaster

The Chaostreff Dresden, a local group of the CCC, organizes a one-day symposium on the subject of data protection and self-determined use of personal information. You are invited to get to know the other side of a coin each one of us has been using and which we can't evade anymore. Learn more about the technology and methods of surveillance, the impact this will have on our society and how to protect against it.

When: May 8, 2004, 10am - 7pm (+ Aftershow)
Where: Medienkulturzentrum Pentacon, Schandauer Str. 64, Dresden

As usual, we welcome every individual able to think independently. There will be no entrance fee.

Below is a list of speeches that will take place, amongst others:
(Please note: Almost all speeches will be held in German language!)

Prof. Dr. Pfitzmann (TU Dresden): Keynote – History, Present and Future of Data Protection
Bettina Jodda (Twister): Nothing to Hide!?
Frank Rosengart: Behind the cameras of the toll collect system
Lutz Donnerhacke: E-Mail-Remailer / Mix / Web-Mailer
Rüdiger Weis: Trusted Computing (TCPA/TCG)
Jaya Baloo: Lawful Interception

At the end of the symposium, a panel discussion will take place on the subject of "Do I have anything to hide?"
Presentation: Reinhard Wobst
Participants: Prof. Pfitzmann, Twister, Dietmar Möws and others

Moreover, there will be several workshops as well as a keysigning party.


We would be glad to welcome you!