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20. Chaos Communication Congress: Call for Papers

2003-11-07 00:00:00, webmaster

Papers are being solicited for the twentieth Chaos Communication Congress

The twentieth annual Chaos Communication Congress is being held December 27-29 2003 in Berlin, Europe. It focuses on the interface between technology and society in the past, present and future. Lectures and workshops take place on a number of subjects centered around information technology and computer security as well as political and social implications thereof.

Information Society's chances and risks will be discussed both critically and creative. Obstacles and alternatives on the path towards an IS will be pointed out.

We ask interested lecturers and speakers to submit proposals within the coming weeks, no later than December 8th, 2003. An eMail including the title, a summary, relevant weblinks, a short biography and contact information should be sent to or submitted via the webform at

Lectures should be up to 45 minutes or up to 100 minutes, including questions from and discussion with the audience. As this is a non-profit event we unfortunately are unable to compensate except for travel costs under certain circumstances. We are, however, able to arrange accommodation at no or low cost.

The most current version of the agenda is always available from