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Chaos Communication Camp 2003

2003-05-17 00:00:00, webmaster

The International Hacker Open Air Gathering

August 7th - August 10th 2003

Hacking is about thinking for yourself. Hacking needs a place for meeting, discussing, testing, proving, questioning, designing, redesigning, engineering, reengineering, searching, researching, hacking, phreaking, brainstorming and understanding.

As our world is getting more and more complex, gaining and sharing knowledge is the key to survival. There is a need for open communication and a free, unlimited exchange of ideas and concepts. The Camp is a place to do just that.

The Camp is a four-day open-air all-in-one conference and hacker holiday experience. We want you to join, put up your tent, to participate, to contribute, to learn and to have fun. We will bring on the infrastructure, you bring on yourself.

The Camp offers lots of features and activities that will keep you busy experimenting and roaming among a variety of cool things going on everywhere at the Camp.

Further information: Chaos Communication Camp 2003