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19C3: Call for Papers

2002-11-09 00:00:00, congress

Papers are being solicited for the nineteenth annual Congress of the Chaos Computer Club e.V., Germany, to be held in Berlin, Germany, from December 27th through 29th. The congress is intended to promote the technical, social and political interchange of ideas among hackers, security professionals, artists, nerds and other lifeforms, watching how technology affects society.

Unlike earlier incarnations, this years congress will not only address the German speaking population. It is our goal to have at least the main track of the conference held in English and translated to German or held in German and translated to English.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • wrecked use of mainstream technology
  • obfuscating code, technology and user minds
  • IPv6 technology and security, practical experience, 6bone statistics etc.
  • Technical developments and protocols in the Internet (e.g. Differentiated Services, constraint-based-routing, MPLS, traffic engineering, policing, COPS, TCPng, streaming protocols, Peer2Peer-Networks, ENUM etc.)
  • telephone networks (wired & wireless, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS)
  • access technology (cable modems, satellite, WLL etc.)
  • surveillance technology, LI, state of the art and how to trick it
  • security policy and privacy Issues
  • security infrastructure, architecture and standards (PKCS, CMA, CDSA etc.)
  • watching them watching us and how to sharpen the picture
  • eavesdropping on (streaming) protocols (e.g. internet telephony)
  • operating system/platform security (any OS you can think of)
  • internet, communications & networking security, including wireless technologies (WaveLAN, HiperLAN, etc.)
  • AAA
  • intrusion detection and monitoring
  • cryptographic algorithms, technology, toolkits, applications, etc. (e.g. AES, elliptic curves, PGP, GnuPG etc.)
  • smartcards & embedded anything
  • biometrics
  • copyright, copyleft, copywrong, "interlec-duh-al capital", digital rights management and the street performer protocol, DMCA vs Freedom of Speech
  • privacy, private data and public data and the difference, if any
  • misuse of (multi)media technology, "secure" devices ...
  • art & beauty in the global village
  • reverse engineering technology how-to's
  • circumvention devices & security countermeasures
  • political and legislative trends, open and hidden, concerning the net and communication technology
  • crypto-politics in national security
  • German issues as TK√úV and equivalents in other countries
  • European issues as Cybercrime-Convention and equivalents
  • hacker ethics and history
  • Developments in Mobile Networking (e.g. Wireless LAN, Ad-Hoc Networking, Tracking of Persons, etc.)
  • activism, hacktivism and other forms of political work
  • Organisational structures of NGOs
  • Underground Banking
  • conspiracy theories
  • discordianism

Lectures are expected to be highly relevant in practice or better be darn funny. Sales droids have been known to disappear without traces on past events. Interactive Workshops welcome. Hands-On anything even more welcome.

Intelligent beings wishing to present a paper should submit title and an one- or two-paragraph abstract (in German or English), references and URLs, a short biography, and contact information to RSN, no later than December 1st.

Notice of acceptance will be sent out as soon as possible. Final presentations should be in English or German and be up to 45 or up to 100 minutes long, including a question-and-answer period.

As this is a non-profit organisation and non-profit event, the CCC will not be able to compensate travel or hotel costs let alone a speaker honorarium, well, maybe travel costs. We are, however, able to arrange accommodation for low or no cost.

The preliminary agenda will be published on the web in the near future. Registration information will be posted, too.

So, do you dare to speak in front of people who might have downloaded your script from your computer in advance and spotted all the logical errors?