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CCC Supporter

Becoming a Supporter

Every natural person can become a Supporter of the Chaos Computer Club. In doing so you support our daily work, our hackerspaces, our projects and infrastructure. You will also receive our erratically published magazine Die Datenschleuder, which informs about our members' work in an entertaining way.

Non-material benefits

  • Support of our lobbying regarding
    • Data Protection
    • Privacy
    • Governmental Trojan Horses (German: Staatstrojaner)
    • Voting Computers
    • "Hacker" Laws
    • Electronic Passports/ID Cards
    • Biometry
    • Digitale education
  • Support of infrastructure
    • Web Server (this one you're looking at right now)
    • Jabber Server (public)
    • TOR Exit Nodes (public)
  • Propaganda Materials
  • Support of EDRi (Lobbying for digital rights at the EU in Brussels)
  • Supporting local CCC chapters and groups
  • Legal aid for members in the area of "Hacking"
  • local conferences and regional meetings

How can I become a Supporter?

Fill out this application form and send it in via snail mail or preferably e-mail. And please don't forget to sign it! If we can decypher your e-mail address we will send you a message with your personal membership number (Chaos-Nr.). Your written confirmation will be the next issue of Die Datenschleuder, our club magazine which will be sent out the traditional way via snail mail.


  1. The annual membership fee is 72 EUR.
  2. For students, pupils, unemployed, pensioners and disabled members with a suitable proof, the annual fee is 36 EUR.
  3. The membership year starts with the date of the member joining.
  4. The fee is due upfront for the whole membership year.
  5. The fee can be paid by one of the following methods:
    1. bank transfer.
    2. cash payment at events, if offered.
  6. By request, the executive board may make exceptions from these regulations for individual members in justified cases.

Bank transfer

Please do not pay until you hear from us! Our membership adminstration will send you a confirmation email with payment details. Please allow a few weeks for this, we are all volunteers. In the confirmation email you will find your Chaos Transaction Token. Please quote the CTT in your payment. Please remit your annual fee to our bank account only after you received the confirmation email. Any further questions regarding your membership can be answered by the membership administration.

Bank account of the CCC e. V.:

  • Chaos Computer Club e. V.
  • Konto-Nr. 599090201
  • BLZ 20010020
  • Postbank Hamburg
  • IBAN DE41 2001 0020 0599 0902 01