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Software to capture votes in upcoming national election is insecure

The Chaos Computer Club is publishing an analysis of software used for tabulating the German parliamentary elections (Bundestagswahl). The analysis shows a host of problems and security holes, to an extent where public trust in the correct tabulation of votes is at stake. Proof-of-concept attack tools against this software are published with source code.

Bavarian local elections 2008: Computerized count using barcodes is insecure and not transparent

The Chaos Computer Club highlights severe risks accompanying the use of software-aided barcode counting systems at the Bavarian local elections. During the elections on March 2nd 2008 more than 8000 barcode reading pens and PCs will be used to count the ballots on polling day.

Mögliche Wahlmanipulation beim Gesangswettbewerb – und anderswo

Irritation beim Vertrauen in elektronische Wahlverfahren