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Hacking, a full stomach, and ethics

In a pre-print of an interview from the next issue of the club magazine "Die Datenschleuder", the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) tells the story of a hacker whose software was sold to several governments in the Middle East (among others) that used it to spy on the opposing political forces. To which means and ends should hackers use their talents? In today's world, is it still possible to ignore what happens with the results of one's own drive to hack, research and tinker?


Hacker Ethics

Hacker Ethics

Taking a stand against right-extremist ideology

Mails mit rechtsradikalen Inhalten

In den letzten Tagen wurden im Rahmen einer rechten Spam-Kampagne Mails verschickt, die CCC-Adressen als Absender trugen. Diese Absenderangaben sind gefälscht. Wir distanzieren uns ausdrücklich von den Inhalten dieser Mails.