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The Chaos Computer Club e. V is responsible for the contents of this pages.

Appreciated ways to get in touch with us are listed in the Contact Area. You are invited to show up at one of the local clubs to get to know us personally, too.

Chaos Computer Club e. V.
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The Chaos Computer Club e. V. is registered at the Vereinsregister of the Amtsgerichts Hamburg with the Vereinsregisternummer 10940.

Please refrain from sending us registered mail as we do not have regular office hours and hence no possibilities to accept any registered mail which in turn makes the mail go back to the sender. If it really needs to be a registered letter, please make it a registered drop-in letter (as opposed to a registered hand-over letter).

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From every visitor we collect and retain the following information for an unknown period of time:

  • Time and date,
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  • the used browser and operating system,
  • the "referer".

The IP address, which requested the page, is not saved. Hence it is hardly possible to tell visitors apart. We do not use cookies to identify our visitors either. We do not give the logged date to third parties. We try to protect -within the usual boundaries of server safety mesarues- the data from access by third paties.