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The local and regional affiliates of the Chaos Computer Club are the so called Erfa-Kreise (short for information exchange circles). Here is a list with links.


The hackerspace and Erfa-Kreis in the old imperial city has its doors open for visitors on Wednesdays starting at 8 pm and is well hidden in the gloomy realms of the deserted heavy industrial areas in the nort east of Aachen (Jülicher Str. 191, 52070 Aachen). But with the right directions and an open eye for blinking lights it's easy to find.


The CCC affiliated hackerspace backspace gathers people interested in technical innovation and free information exchange. It is a think tank, worshop, hackerspace, open space, home, laboratory and instigator. There is something going on every day, but most people meet at Spiegelgraben 41 in Bamberg on Tuesday, 7 pm. Further information online.


Club Discordia is a public meeting located at the CCC Berlin (Marienstr. 11, 10117 Berlin-Mitte). Meetings are held every thursday at 5pm. Further information online.


The public get together of CCC Bremen takes place every tuesday at 8pm in the AUCOOP building (Weberstrasse 18). More information online at www.


CCC Darmstadt meets tuesdays from 8pm in their "Trollhöhle" at Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 36. Please subscribe to the mailing list first to get up to date information (darmstadt-subscribe (at) More information online at www


The geeks from Saxony and southern Brandenburg meet every tuesday in Dresden ( for details please ask via jabber at Furthermore there are occasional get-togethers for specific subjects, more information online


The nordic Chaos stronghold on the Rhine, knights against network censorship and tolerant drinkers of Altbier meet every friday at 6pm in Hüttenstr. 25 in Düsseldorf. If you want to get us to know, you can visit us on the #chaosdorf channel on OFTC. More information online.


Bits'n'Bugs e.V. meets every tuesday at 7:30pm in E-Werk Erlangen, Fuchsenwiese 1, group room 5. You may bring your own hardware to tinker. For specific projects there are additional meetings on saturdays. Every second tuesday of the month there is a "main" meeting with organizational subjects and more people present. People also come here from as far as Forchheim and Bamberg. More information on the web


Chaospott is the local subsidary of the CCC at the heart of the Ruhr area. We meet every wednesday at 7 pm in the »foobar«. Further information is available on our webseite and on the »foobar« website.

Frankfurt am Main

We meet every tuesday (even on most holidays) at 7pm in our hackspace the HQ. All interested people are welcome. More information on the web.


Erfa Freiburg meets on tuesdays at 7pm in their own room at ArTik, the former underpass at Siegesdenkmal (Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse 141, 79089 Freiburg) More information on the web.


Erfa Göttingen was founded Nov 2007 by hackers close to the Chaos Computer Club. Open Chaos is every tuesday from 8pm at NOKLAB (Neustadt 7, Innenstadt, Nähe Bahnhof). All interested people are welcome. More information here.


The Erfakreis Hamburg has it's residence at Viktoria-Kaserne, room 119 (1st floor, east wing) Zeiseweg 9, 22765 Hamburg. Last Tuesday each month is perfect to get to know each other and ask questions. We also have a calendar filled with events open for visitors. Find more information on our webpage or at #ccchh on


The regional Chaos in Hannover meets every second wednesday of the month from 8pm and on the last sunday of the month from 4pm at the Bürgerschule in their clubroom (room 3.1) in the community center Nordstadt. More information here


Erfa Karlsruhe is a registered club with the name 'Entropia'. The public meetings take place every Sunday from 7:30 pm in our club (Gewerbehof, Steinstr. 23) and targets people from Karlsruhe and surrounding region.


Erfa Kassel consists of people who enjoy creative use of technology and are happy to tinker. There is also a considerable amount of programming going on. Sometimes workshops take place on specific topics, which are announced in advance. Our public meeting is held every first Thursday of the month from 5pm in room -1307 the University of Kassel, William Allee 71 (engineer school). Please register before by mail. The room is usually busy at any Thursday. More information on the Web or on irc at #cccks on rizon network.


The c4 is a westward bridge head of the innovative technoligy usage with all features that are necessary for chaos. The public meeting is called OpenChaos. The meeting takes place on the last thursday of the month at 19:30 in the Chaoslabor in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. More information online.


Erfa Mannheim is a local contact point for people that are intrested in computer and technology, who search for like minded people. You can exchange, present and discuss your ideas. Our public meeting takes place every friday. The dates can be found on our Wiki. More information online.


The Chaos Computer Club Mainz meets every tuesday, 7pm, at Sedanplatz 7 in Wiesbaden. The meetup is addressed to everyone from Mainz/Wiesbaden and the near surroundings. Further information may be found online.


The public meetup of the µc³ takes places every second tuesday of the month, starting at about 8 pm at Hessstr. 90 (corner to Schleißheimer Str. 41). Please check the IRC channel in advance if anyone is already there. The channel is also the place to get in contact with someone from the CCC Munich. Further information in web or wiki.


We meet up Wednesdays at the pottery in the "Kulturwerkstatt". Our move to our new rooms in Westernmauer 12 is imminent. More information on


Der Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart e. V. meets every first tuesday of the month at the Zadu-Bar (Reuchlinstraße 4b) at 6:30pm and every third wednesday of the month at the Shackspace (Ulmer Straße 255). Our monthly Talk is every second thursday of the month in the public library of Stuttgart at the Mailänder Platz at 7:30pm. More information on our Homepage.


The Chaostreff Ulm meets every monday at 19:30 Uhr in Cafe Einstein at the University Ulm, except for every second monday of the month. This date is reserved for the Chaosseminar. More Informationen on our webseite.


The Metalab meets every second Week from 7pm at Rathausstraße 6 in 1010 Vienna. Details about the meetup are published in Metalab-Calender and announced via our mailinglist. More Informationen on our websesite.


The Chaostreff Zurich meets every wednesday from 7pm at the Hackerspace at Luegislandstrasse 485 in Zürich/Schwamendingen. More Informationen see webseite.